Stuffers Grill and Pub is so much more then just great food and a warm, inviting atmosphere... Our concept is simple and that is to serve you the freshest food possible in a environment that you will always feel welcomed.

I had a desire to create a unique concept that would offer freshness, unique foods and a environment that would be welcoming and warm. Growing up I was lucky enough to be in the family deli in  where all the hoagies and steaks were always cut fresh and piled high with the finest ingredients

That tradition lives on here at Stuffers American Grill & Pub... Not only will you enjoy the freshest Hoagies & Steaks, but you will get "STUFFED" by our gourmet burgers that will soon put us on the map. We are proud to be the first Stuffed Burger Franchise.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us and look forward to serving you years in the future.


Stuffy & Philly